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Finance Policy

The Colombian Association of Neurology (ACN) is the financial entity for all the functioning, publishing and indexing costs of the journal Acta Neurológica Colombiana.

It is ACN who negotiates and establishes the advertising campaign published in the journal. ANC editorial structure operates independently from the advertisement in the journal and therefore is not subject to a conflict of interest with advertisers.

Free and open access policy

All contents of the journal are available to the general community through the webpage of the Colombian Association of Neurology, free and immediate.

You can access individually to all content without restriction, subscription, registration or payment. The journal allows you to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link the full texts of its articles.

All content of this journal is distributed under the license Creative Commons Credit-Noncommercial-No derivatives 4.0 International . Authors transfer the agreed copyrights, and will give the journal the right of first-time publication of their work, which will be simultaneously held to the Creative Commons recognition license, that does not allow commercial purposes. It allows third-parties to copy, distribute and include the article in a collective work, as long as there is no commercial purpose, the article is not altered nor modified, and the original work and its first publication are cited properly.

Privacy policies

The names, email addresses and other entered data in this journal will be used only for specific purposes in it, and will not be provided to third parties or for use with other intentions..

Copyright Policy and responsibility for the content of an article

Once the article is accepted, for its publication authors must transfer to the journal Acta Neurológica Colombiana the distribution and reproduction rights of the submitted work, as well as the images, audio or videos as part of the publication. The journal recognizes and respects author’s moral rights part of ethical publishing practice. Authors are asked to sign a copyright letter when submitting their manuscript, which can be found in the following link: https://www.acnweb.org/en/submit-article.html
Acta Neurológica Colombiana and the Colombian Association of Neurology do not assume any responsibility for the ideas expressed by the authors.

Submission Policy

Works must be unpublished and submitted exclusively to Acta Neurológica Colombiana. It is not accepted that the content or part of it has been published previously or simultaneously in other publications, written or electronic media. An exception to this condition corresponds to the registration required for the prospective clinical studies.

ANC assumes that the information contained is true. In the event of a fraudulent process of the information contained in an article, ANC will communicate the findings to the institution to which the authors of the work belong, and if it has been published already, a retraction process will initiate.

Peer-review Policy

Once the article has been submitted, the editorial process begins. Firstly, the Editorial Committee will decide whether the article meets the conditions to be submitted to evaluation by two external peer experts in the subject matter, considering the submission checklist. The type of review used by the journal is double-blind peer review. The double-blind reviewers will give their concept within 30 days, suggesting a) accepted without modifications, b) accepted with modifications, or c) Non-publication. This concept will be delivered through the submission system to the authors with the arguments of the peer reviewers anonymously.

In case of needing modifications, authors will have 30 days to make modifications and submit the modified article. In case the stipulated time isn’t met, the Editor of Acta Neurológica will understand that the authors have lost interest in publishing the article and will unsubscribe it.

Once the article has been modified by the authors, the Editor and the Associated Editor will check the compliance of the recommendations requested by the peer reviewers, and if these have been properly followed, they article will be submitted to the Editorial Committee for consideration for its inclusion in a future issue of the journal ANC. This decision will be communicated to the authors.

In the case of controversies in the evaluations, the Editor will be the one to settle the case. The editorial decision based on the criteria given by the peer reviewers, will be communicated to the correspondence author, and the appeal does not proceed in case that this corresponds to the rejection of the article.

Editorial Process Policy

ANC is by policy an open publication to submission of articles in the area of neurosciences, guaranteeing an anonymous and impartial evaluation, and whose judgement for publication will be made strictly following an editorial process, anonymous review by qualified peer-reviewers, quality criteria and scientific relevance. The result of this process in case of a rejected publication, has no further instance of appeal and it will be communicated in private to the corresponding author.

Regardless the editorial process, the content and statements contained in the articles, only compromise the author’s judgement..

Journal’s Content Preservation Policy

The journal Acta Neurológica Colombiana has a system of submission and digital preservation of contents and reviews in Open Journal Systems.
Additionally, the articles published are deposited in a digital version by backing up our server, ensuring the records using a backup of published issues on the web and on databases such as LILACS and SciELO, apart from having the publication history as a collection by printed volumes from Volume 1 to date.

Plagiarism Detection Policy

Journal of Acta Neurologica Colombiana rejects and detects plagiarism with the software of similarity PlagScan.

Creative Commons License. This journal works under a Creative Commons License: Attribution-Noncommercial-Nonderived 4.0 international.

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