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The Colombian Association of Neurology (CAN) is a private, scientific, independent, non-political involved, non-profit organization that brings together specialists in Clinical Neurology and Pediatric Neurology, doctors who are not neurologists and other medical professionals who are interested in the study, prevention and treatment of diseases of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System, as well as in the improvement of the teaching and the research on neuroscience.

The objectives of the CAN are:

    a) The primary objective of the CAN is the well-being of the patient.

    b) To promote the highest level of quality and ethics for the neurological patient care in our country.

    c) To promote research on the Clinical Neurology and Neuro-pediatric fields.

    d) To cooperate with the public and private sectors and the community in general, in every aspect that leads to the prevention of neurological diseases.

    e) To become the adviser of the National Government and of any private entity for the formulation of guidelines on the care of patients with diseases of the nervous system, an entity open to teachers and health care institutions both in the public and in the private level.

    f) To propose to the competent authorities initiatives to establish a regulation on the practice of the specialty, minimum programs in Teaching on noth Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies, as well as the recognition of Foreign Qualifications on Neurology and Neuro-pediatrics.

    g) To Serve as consultant after the courts of Professional Ethics about the ethical issues for specialty practice that can be presented.

    h) To ensure the continued education of its members in Neurology and Neuro-pediatrics fields.

    i) To become a member of National and International Scientific Association for the benefit of members of the CAN.

    j) To develop a fertile relationship between the associated professionals and the community, in order to pursue its goals.

    k) The ACN will address union issues in the terms permitted by law, without the need for statutory reform.

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